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Using Maven



Quick start

Get your 'Server Environment Api Key' from the environment page in featureflow and instantiate a singleton client:

String apiKey = "<Your Server Environment Api Key goes here>";
FeatureFlowClient featureFlowClient = new FeatureFlowClient(apiKey);

This is a singleton, so if you're using spring you should make it a @Bean in a @Configuration class.

In your code, you can test the value of your feature where the value of my-feature-key is equal to 'on'

  if (featureflow.evaluate('my-feature-key').is('on')){
    // this feature code will be run because 'my-feature-key' is set to 'on'

Because the default variants for any feature are 'on' and 'off', we have provided two helper methods .isOn() and .isOff()

if(featureflow.evaluate('my-feature-key', context).isOn()){
  // this feature code will be run because 'my-feature-key' is set to 'on'

  // this feature code won't be run because 'my-feature-key' is not set to 'off'

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