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Heap Analytics Integration

Heap is a very powerful analytics tool that allows you to analyse your users journeys across every click and interaction.

It is incredibly easy to integrate featureflow into heap so that you can see the evaluated features for your users.

Simply pass the featureflow features to heap after you have set your featureflow user in the javascript api, for example, here is an example of setting a user, typically done after a user has logged in:

id: principalUser.login,
attributes: {
fullName: `${principalUser.firstName} ${principalUser.lastName}`,
roles: principalUser.authorities,
langKey: principalUser.langKey,
domain: organisation.domain
}, (error)=>{
window.heap.addUserProperties(featureflow.features);//set heap features

Thats it! You heap user will be annotated with properties matching the features and variants that were evaluated for them. You can use those attributes in heap to filter users based on the features they saw.