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Create Features

This page describes how to create a feature in the featureflow dashboard

Within the features list page under a given environment, click the New Feature button

New Feature Button

Enter a unique key, name and description.

The unique key is used to identify the feature in your application and cannot be changed once it is set. It should be a single word with no special characters- we suggest lower-case-hyphenated.

Set the variants that you wish to have for the feature. The default, and most basic, setup has two variants. 'off' and 'on'. When the feature is enabled then all users will see the 'on' variant. When the feature is disabled then all users will see the 'off' variant.

As you develop more advanced scenarios and additional feature variants you may come back and modify these to suit.

Click Save. Your feature has been created.

You may further edit the feature and the features environment config by clicking the edit icons.

Features List

What's next?

Now you'll want to go and enable and disable your feature in your environments